2011 Volume.13
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Ms. Judith Ricker


Executive Vice President,

Brand Research and Consulting




From Awareness to Engagement to Passion

Ms. Judith Ricker里克女士

The world of branding is changing in unprecedented ways, and while a strong Brand continues to be a company’s greatest asset, we no longer live in an age where brands are shaped by pushing messages out to the masses. This is the dawning of the age of participators, a new era in which branding is a dialogue over which companies have limited control.

In our dynamic and hyper-linked world, customers and non-customers participate in Brand discussions with new frequency, and even people who do not actively share their thoughts are listening. With all this chatter, there is plenty of opportunity for alienated consumers to have a platform, and these vocal critics may not even be customers! Social media gives word-of-mouth greater power over Brand value than ever before - for better or worse. Brand awareness and engagement will no longer get the job done. The next step in the evolution of Brand building is Passion - Passion makes Advocates out of customers, and Advocates drive growth.
Many older Brand equity models separate emotional and rational elements into discrete factors, and that separation fails to account for the powerful interactions between rational and irrational drivers. Market Probe’s IMPACT+ Brand Passion approach to equity measurement recognizes that often rational or tangible factors can drive emotional responses.


Our new proprietary model measures: 

 Emotional response to a Brand
 Harmony with a Brand
 Attachment or comfort level with a Brand
Market Probe’s hierarchical Brand Passion Model determines drivers of Brand choice, including external factors when available, as well as the combination of actionable tangible and intangible levers the Brand stewards can use to affect business outcomes



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